Casey Elisha Books was birthed in December 2015 after the release of Casey Elisha’s first self-published book, Love Thy Fro. Following its success, and the conversations she found herself in regarding the lack of diversity in children’s literature, Casey made the decision to try and work towards increasing representation within children’s books.

Based in South-East London, Casey aims to diversify the scope of children’s literature by creating and promoting literary content that encourages, empowers and inspires.

It’s so important for children to be able to see images that look like themselves in books. To be diverse is to be inclusive; why wouldn’t we want all children to be included in literature? Children should be unapologetically proud of who they are, and their literature should be diverse enough to reflect and support this.

Following its release, Love Thy Fro was met with positive reviews from platforms such as The Voice and Madame Noire, and even led to Casey being interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton.

Casey then went on to create the Children’s Empowerment and Literary Festival which took place at the Deptford Lounge in July 2016. Full of stalls and workshops, the event was a space for children and parents to discover diverse reading content they may not have known about before, as well as to be able to participate in workshops that promoted and supported empowerment. Though unable to hold the festival this year, she hopes to bring it back for 2018.

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